5 Cultural Trends That I Hope Die With 2016

  • Ambiguously bittersweet endings that seem powerful and gutsy in the moment but when you think about it you realize they’re kind of cop-outs that avoid taking a stand on the ending one way or the other

SPOILER: I just…look, my favorite movies this year so far were LITTLE MEN, MOONLIGHT, and LA LA LAND. They were touching and smart and lovely. But jeez, it was surprising when ONCE ended without clearly going one way or the other. That was 10 years ago. By this point, the surprising thing would be to actually have a damn ending.

  • Any use of “-splain” as a suffix
  • The male and female leads of a mediocre movie being forced to go through the motions of an affectionate press tour despite clearly despising one another
    FSG_31_5_Promo_BW_3F.indd                     mv5bmtk4mju3mdizof5bml5banbnxkftztgwmjm2mzy2mdi-_v1_ux182_cr00182268_al_

  • A self-reflective drama about the ennui of being a creative yet unfulfilled 20-something is called a comedy because each episode is half an hour long


Corollary: Feeling culturally incompetent because I haven’t watched these shows because I spent 3 hours watching Ham4Ham videos on Youtube.

  • Buzzed Tasty videos that include “boxed cake mix” as an ingredient. That’s not a recipe. That’s like hanging up a painting and claiming you built a house out of Dr. Pepper cupcakes.


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