The “Dan Harmon Got Fired From Community Last Night” Playlist

So clearly the people who make television have found a way to monetize the Internet’s pain, unless it’s just that they enjoy screwing with us. I swear, people who like  Community have had more ups and downs over the past few weeks than a plane being piloted by competing hyperactive Road Runners (okay, that analogy made no sense, but consider the facts: Community is getting cancelled! ='[ Wait, not it isn’t! =D But it’s only renewed for 13 episodes! =/ But it’s with the option for more! =) And the finale was awesome! =D But next season is without Dan Harmon, who is basically the soul of the show and without whom the whole thing is essentially pointless! >X).

At any rate, I realized that what is called for in a situation like this is a very particular genre of music – namely, nineties rock songs that are about horrible things and how the world sucks but which embrace that depression with energy and glee and produce a weird sort of nihilistic clarity (try finding a Pandora station for THAT. No, seriously, please do, because I wanted one and I couldn’t.) These songs don’t try to pretend that everything is going to be okay, and they don’t try to forget that it isn’t, but rather, they demand that the awful stuff become good, and declare that they’re going to enjoy themselves anyway. So, without further ado, the Dan Harmon Got Fired From Community Last Night Playlist!

Jumper – Third Eye Blind

Father of Mine – Everclear

It’s the End of the World – R.E.M.

People Who Died – Jim Carroll Band

When I Come Around – Green Day

Closing Time – Semisonic

And, even though it’s not quite the same kind of music, here’s Born To Run, because Bruce Springsteen makes everything better.

Hang in there, my fellow Communists! (bad choice for a fandom nickname?) Also, if anyone is interested in what I am actually talking about, check out these links.



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