A Brief Skit

(This isn’t actually related to culture, unless you count the culture of people commenting on the Internet, in which case, this is a great service to humanity in general.)

ITS: That’s my apostrophe! Mine, mine, mine!

IT’S: Look, I know you’re possessive, but…

IS: (Entering, addressing ITS) That’s my sister you’re messing with. Am I gonna have to take action?

ITS: My little brother It gets everything! He gets the apostrophe, he gets the girl – it’s not fair!

IT: Me? You always got everything! You were born to get everything! I had to do something to make a name for myself! So yeah, me and Is got together. We’re gonna have a baby. Wait! She’s – she’s having contractions! Oh…hang on…it’s a noun!

ITS: Wow, I never knew you felt that way. Hey, look everybody:

It’s Its niece!


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