The Social Network

I finally watched The Social Network yesterday, which was actually a bit of a relief, as I was afraid it would turn out to be one of those movies that I always mean to see but never actually do and feel a quiet sense of shame towards. But I saw it, and it was just as amazing as it is supposed to be, which was also a relief. There’s no disappointment quite like the disappointment of finally seeing one of those movies you’ve been meaning to see and having it suck.

The one thing I did not understand, however, in watching the movie was why everyone found Jesse Eisenberg’s Mark Zuckerberg to be so unlikable. Personally, I found him extremely likable, although that could admittedly simply be because I have a weakness for that kind of wickedly brilliant character. While I was watching the movie, far from hating the character, I found myself drawn to his essential sweetness, admiring his control of any social situation (although this is perhaps more a testament to Eisenberg’s acting than anything else). I’m not sure why there was so much grumbling about the asshole Zuckerberg was made out to be; I would be friends with that guy in the movie in a heartbeat (and this takes place largely before he became a billionaire, so, no, that is not at all relevant).

I know the movie wasn’t factual, and I wouldn’t care at all if I didn’t know that there were people who would misunderstand it and take it as such. It was a film, and a damn good one, that, from what I read, made Zuckerberg out to be a whole lot cooler than he is in real life (though for a fascinating description of the real person, check out Time’s Person of the Year article here). Yes, there is a lot of talking, but the characters are so smart and interesting and the stakes so personal that the viewer remains on the edge of their seat.

Also, if Jesse Eisenberg doesn’t get an Oscar, there is very little justice in the world. Or at least the world of celebrities congratulating themselves.

Oh, and for something extremely weird, check out this clip from SNL last night:


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